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30 shown of 709 entities
5 HRDs who intended to cooperate with CAT
6 others who regularly share information woth OHCHR
12 of 27 individuals who are unspecified
13 members of Initiative pour la résurgence de la mouvement abolitionniste (IRA).
14 HRDs trying to travel abroad
15 individuals who engaged, or attempted to engage, with the UN human rights mechanisms
16 civilians
24 civil society organizations & leaders of 9 of those
25 human rights defenders and other members of civil society
30 other human rights defenders and journalists
50 civil society organizations accused of having delivered false information to experts of the Human Rights Committee
94 civil society actors
A civilian
A number of individuals listed as 'de facto terrorists' who have been long-standing partners of the United Nations
A number of individuals, linked with HC visit
Abdelrahman Alhamade
Abdelrahman Mohamed Al-Gasim
Abdolfattah Soltani
Abdolwahab Ansari
Abdul Ghani Al Kanja
Abdul Rahman Alhaj Ali
Abdulaziz Youssef Mohamed al-Shubaili
Abdulhadi Alkhawaja
Abduljalil Al Singace
Abdullah Al Hamid
Abdulnabi Al-Ekry
Abdulrasheed Al-Faqih
Abdulrasheed Al-Faqih
Adam Bodnar
Adamou Isa

30 shown of 709 entities